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We recommend preserving the product in ideal conditions. The space should be dry, clean, ventilated, and positioned away from heat sources, direct sunlight and electrically produced light. It is best to keep the product in the dust bag provided. The instructions in this guide are useful for removing small amounts of dirt. For a thorough cleaning, we suggest contacting a specialized laundry service.

It is only natural that the shape of the shoe changes over time. Ccwdmoss shoes molds to the shape of the wearer's foot and may change shape further as a result of long-term and prolonged use. Leather has a natural tendency to wrinkle and crack over time, so any imperfections, creasing, shading, or irregularities in the leather are to be regarded as natural features of the product. To prolong the elasticity and maintain the shape of the shoes, it is best to stuff them with tissue paper when not being worn.

The soles on Ccwdmoss shoes are made of smooth, delicate materials. Therefore, it is normal that they wear down with use. This is not a production defect, but a completely natural process.

The leather used for the internal lining is natural and is not treated with chemical products. To remove a small amount of dirt, we recommend using a soft cloth dampened with water and mild soap.

Your shoes should be cleaned after each wear, or at the very least before the following day, with a light wipe down using a brush and cloth to restore the shine.

The leather of a shoe is delicate; there is no need for polishes which cover up the creases, but for creams which nourish the leather and slow the process of ageing. The best products are of a creamy consistency because cream more easily penetrates the leather.

Use only natural and colorless care products, free of silicone or alcohol.

Use shoe brushes made from natural materials with long, soft bristles.

Inclement weather and surface texture can chew through leather soles at an alarming rate. If you are attending an outdoor event and you know the weather is going to be damp, be advised that your leather-soled shoes can suffer. If you are caught out and your leather soles become saturated, change shoes as soon as possible, blotting away any excess water with a towel, and allow to air dry.

Don't forget that shoes should only be cleaned when they are completely dry. Allow them to dry at room temperature; avoid leaving them near a source of heat, as this will harden the leather. If your leather shoes are very wet, stuff them with tissue paper to draw out the moisture and allow to dry naturally.

Leather shoes can require a day to dry out from natural perspiration. Avoid wearing your shoes on consecutive days. Try to alternate your footwear daily to allow the leather to dry and always wear socks with your boots.

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